#1 Rated ETFs – ETFG Weekly Select List – 3/30/21

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – the ETF Global Weekly ETF Select
supports users with their respective Exchange-Traded Fund
selection processes. All individual product ETFG Tearsheets may be viewed via
our 21 Day, Free Trial at https://www.etfg.com/signup/quick. In the table below, we highlight those products which were #1 Ranked
in this week’s Select List in their respective Category for Sector, Geographic
Region and Strategy.

Weekly Round Up – In reviewing the results of this
week’s Top-Rated ETFs, according to the ETFG Weekly Select list, we see persistent favorites among the three categories. In Sectors, the highest overall
average scoring remains in the Energy sector with an average
ETFG Quant score of 72.24, one of the highest group scores in recent months. In the Geographical categories, the North American region leads the way with an average score of
75.36 and the focus on Market Capitalization remains the choice in the Strategy category with Mid Cap exposure carrying a top group score of 74.12. 
Please click on the table below for details:

The ETFG Weekly ETF Select List features the 5 most
highly rated ETFs by Sector, Geographic Region and Strategy as ranked by the
ETFG Quant model. This weekly reference guide enables you to quickly and easily
identify ETFs which meet your chosen criteria.

Selection pool includes all U.S. listed, equity
ETFs, excluding levered and inverse

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