Weekly ETF Equity Select List – 21th, May 2018

About the ETFG ETP weekly Select List

The ETF Global Weekly ETF Select List has been designed to support both Financial Professionals and Investors with their respective Exchange-Traded-Fund selection processes. Once the investor’s risk tolerance, investment goals and resulting asset-allocation have been determined, the ETFG Weekly ETF Select List points to the highest-rated ETFs to fit the investment needs and goals of that specific portfolio.

Developed by the Research team at ETF Global, the ETFG Weekly ETF Select List features the 5 most highly rated ETFs by Sector, Geographic Region and Strategy as ranked by the ETFG Quant model. This weekly reference guide enables you to quickly and easily identify ETFs which meet your chosen criteria. Because the list highlights just five ETFs per category and the ETFG Quant model is cross-sectional in its rankings, each ETF on the list has earned its respective spot by achieving the highest relative scoring versus its eligible peer group. The universe of equity ETFs reviewed by ETFG Quant represents the broadest range of industry groups, sectors and geographic regions.

• The selection pool includes all U.S. listed, equity ETFs, excluding levered and inverse funds
• The ETFG Quant model assigns a daily ranking to all relevant products using proprietary algorithms and employing dozens of industry metrics.
• ETFG Quant has four primary drivers: Behavioral Finance (Technical Analysis & Sentiment), Fundamental Analysis, Global Themes and Quality
• Selection is performed prior to trading on Monday of each week

To best support the ETF selection process, ETF Global strongly encourages viewers to perform a more comprehensive review of the overall ETFG Quant rankings and to utilize the additional tools and resources available at www.etfg.com to further research and diligence exchange-traded-funds.

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