/Getting Life Insurance Should Have Always Been This Easy

Getting Life Insurance Should Have Always Been This Easy

It’s 2020—and everything you’re looking for is within a tap or a click. This now includes life insurance. 

Getting life insurance used to be difficult. Hours and hours of research, aggressive phone calls with salespeople, doctor visits—who has time for all of that? Finding the life insurance policy that works best for your needs shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

Enter LeapLife.

LeapLife makes it a breeze to search, compare, and get recommended personalized life insurance policy quotes from an extensive network of top carriers. Gone are the days of not being able to compare prices of the quotes you’re getting, see all your options—personalized to your specific needs. 

How does it work? Just fill out their easy form and LeapLife will use their recommendation engine to check their network of top rated nationwide carriers to find the rates and policy quotes that work best for you—the whole process takes less than 60 seconds. Even better, some policies don’t require a doctor visit or a phone call—which means depending on your health and other factors, you could start your life insurance policy before you even finish your morning cup of coffee. 

Wondering about cost? That’s one of the best parts of using a search engine like LeapLife. Not only can you search and compare all of the policy quotes available to you, but they’ll give you three different price options and coverage amounts to make the process that much easier to parse. Did you know that, depending on health and other factors, you could even get life insurance for less than what you pay for the streaming service you use to binge watch TV? 

The help doesn’t stop there—if you don’t see a specific policy type you’d like online, LeapLife has a team of fully licensed life insurance specialists only a call away to help with any and all questions (just call 844-755-5327).

If you’ve been procrastinating getting life insurance because of all the steps, this may be the best news you’ve gotten today—try LeapLife today and see how much easier it could have been this whole time. It’s another item checked off your to do list.

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